Should You Buy Wholesale Diamond Concentrates?

Of course, we know you want to get meaningful answers to your most important questions before you can make a more informed decision whether or not to buy diamond concentrates wholesale and bulk dab pens in Canada today. That’s precisely the priority objective we had in mind when we shared this simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand guide. So dig right in!


What are diamond concentrates?

For the past several months, we’ve been talking to many successful start-ups in the country’s cannabis industry. They shared a standard yet extremely helpful tip to know what you’re getting into before making any high-impact decisions. So we’ll start by informing you about the most salient stuff we believe you should learn.


And what better way to do this than to answer the most fundamental things about buying and selling diamond concentrates in Canada today. So what exactly are diamond concentrates? Well, simply put, these are cannabis extracts, and they’re also known as THCA Diamond.


But what are cannabis extracts? Well, to answer this, think of the orange juice concentrate that might be in your fridge right now. Essentially, that product is the concentrated form of orange pulp. And that’s made after the fruit goes through an organic extraction and food-grade preparation process.


So that means cannabis extracts are the concentrated form of the plant’s essential compounds. And the two most widely used compounds of cannabis today are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The former is known to cause psychoactive effects upon interacting with the human CNS (central nervous system). This is found in a breed of cannabis plants called marijuana.


But what is CBD? Aside from being a naturally occurring compound in cannabis, it’s also found in hemp, another breed of the cannabis family of plants. But unlike THC, CBD is not known to cause any psychedelic, hallucinogenic or psychoactive effect when interacting with the human CNS. Instead, modern medical research studies today across the country’s top laboratories and universities indicate that CBD has promising effects for treating physical pain and discomfort due to certain health conditions and managing stress and fatigue.


Meanwhile, there’s also an organic compound in cannabis called terpenes. But unlike THC and CBD, this isn’t only exclusive to cannabis plants. Instead, this organic compound is found in many if not most plants and even in animals.


So what are terpenes? And what does it do to you? This is the compound responsible for the aroma of plants and animals. And many Canadian research groups today share promising findings of the positive effects of terpenes in cannabis on people with certain physiological conditions. This is why they’re now using these terpenes for aromatherapeutic applications across the country’s medical industry.


So let’s work back on what we learned at this point. Diamond concentrates are types of cannabis extracts. Like other cannabis concentrates, this contains THC, CBD, terpenes, or significant amounts of a combination of any two or more of these substances. For example, certain cannabis extracts can have 0 to very minimal amounts of THC. On the other hand, just like THCA diamond, different cannabis extracts contain high amounts of THC. But about Canada’s regulatory laws and policies this year, no more than 0.3% per pack of 1000mg CBD product and no more than 30 grams of weed or 150 grams of medical marijuana are allowed throughout the country.


And the main difference between diamond concentrates and other types of cannabis extracts is the process used to make them. Meanwhile, another salient difference is the amount of THC in THCA Diamond, which can go up to 95% (this is a lot higher than the usual THC content of weed strains in Canada’s cannabis market today). So let’s talk more about the process of making THCA Diamond now before we discuss whether or not you’re in an ideal position to buy diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens for the goal of profiting from this lucrative local business opportunity.


How Are Diamond Concentrates Made?

Diamond concentrates, which many experts in this field call THCA Diamond, uses sauce as their base form. To clarify, when we say “sauce,” we’re referring to a particular type of cannabis extract. And the sauce has a distinct glossy appearance and an equally unique runny texture.


And when we say “base form,” what we mean is diamond concentrates are made using the sauce. There are just a few additional steps. So first, let’s talk about how to make the sauce.


How to Make Sauce (Cannabis Concentrate)?

To make sauce from cannabis, the first step is, of course, to harvest the buds of your marijuana plants. Include some of the leaves that are already sticking to their buds. Good amounts of terpenes are found in its leaves, and this, as mentioned earlier, gives marijuana its distinct aroma.


At this point, the second step is not to let your harvested buds dry. Instead, it would be best to prepare an organic solution where you must soak your buds. To make the sauce, it’s common to use food-grade alcohol for this solution.


Many Canadian diamond concentrate lovers we interviewed for the past few months say they let their buds soak in this solution for 24 to 36 hours. So after this, the next step is to strain the buds to isolate the liquid of your mix. And that’s it — You have your sauce.


How to Make Diamond Concentrate from Sauce?

So now we’ll learn about the process of making THCA Diamond from your sauce. What this requires, primarily, is heat and pressure. And what this means is you need a pressure cooker to heat your sauce and distill it until most of the remaining fluid separates from your sauce.


After this process, you’ll end up with a crystalline substance. Yes, this is why it’s called “diamond concentrate.” But this isn’t as simple as it sounds though. That’s because there’s a regulated, strictly controlled standard process for separating the impurities left in your concentrate.


And this is why all of the start-ups we talked to say they decided to buy diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens from licensed local suppliers instead. Check out this diamond hash, a quality product that almost all are recommended. Plus, some of them mentioned that doing this provides others with a lower barrier of entry to compete in Canada’s cannabis industry. After all, you won’t need to buy special equipment, source out raw materials from local suppliers, hire experts to assist you in getting your process pipeline approved by relevant government units, and pay lots of people to operate the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of your products for your business.


Should You Buy Diamond Concentrates in Canada This 2022?

Now that we’ve squared away the fundamentals of diamond concentrate, let’s find out if it would likely be suitable for you to buy wholesale diamond concentrates in Canada today as an essential step towards your local business plans this year. But to provide an answer that’s most suited for your particular situation, you’ll need to identify key points to consider when building a business using this model. And here you go:


  1. Legality, Licenses and Taxation — Is buying, selling and possessing large quantities of diamond concentrates and dab pens in the areas where you intend to store and distribute them allowed by your local government? If so, then what are the requirements and procedures for registering a business and getting a license to operate this model? Once you know that, the next thing to determine is the tax laws and policies that apply to businesses in your area that use this model. Now a hassle-free way to do this is to outsource many if not most of these tasks to a credible local agency with verifiable expertise in related fields. And to have a secure counter-checking protocol, consult a business and tax lawyer before talking to any of your shortlisted local agencies. Plus, essential questions to confirm are the legality, license and taxation laws to keep in mind for buying and selling diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens across your target areas on the Web and through local storefronts.
  2. Sourcing Out Reputable Licensed Suppliers with Government-Issued Certifications — Because you intend to turn a profit by selling diamond concentrates and dab pens that you acquire from licensed vendors in your target areas, then you must know the types of government-issued certifications that you need to check. These are issued to producers of cannabis products by local, federal and national government units once these offices verify that the raw materials, equipment, manufacturing process pipelines and distribution outlets are all compliant with Canada’s industry standards. The agency and lawyer mentioned earlier will be helpful in this regard.
  3. Financing and Cost Estimations — This requires thorough market research. Remember, of course, you want your products to be highly competitive across your target cannabis markets in the country. So factor in the cost of getting business registration and licenses, estimates for overheads as you operate your business, insurances for your products and storefront if you want to set up physical outlets, and the cost of developing and running your eCommerce portal, among others. Of course, the next most significant thing you must consider is a marketing cost. To estimate the cost of acquiring leads, converting them to paying customers, retaining them to generate repeat sales, potential customer attrition rates, and others like promos and so on. Doing this will allow you to start with a business that’s likely to be highly competitive throughout your target cannabis markets in Canada.
  4. Strategies to Raise Required Capital and Operating Investments — Keep in mind it rarely happens, if at all, for a newly established business to immediately start hitting its target bottom-line as soon as it starts to operate. So you’re advised to prepare sufficient capital and operating investments that can allow you to test the viability of your business venture for around 6 to 12 months or longer. To give you an idea, small to one-person micro-businesses that buy diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens then resell it through an eCommerce platform often start with a capital and operating investments lasting six months.
  5. Monitoring Pipelines you want your business to produce significant income for you consistently. And, you, of course, want to have the opportunity to grow and expand your business operations to more profitable areas in Canada. Now what’s required to do this is the ability to collect and analyze helpful data. That’s because this enables you to identify problem areas and bottlenecks suppressing your success, viable areas in your pipelines that can be improved and grown or expanded, etc. And the only way to do this is to implement the proper monitoring process pipeline from the get-go.


What Are Bulk Dab Pens?

Now to supplement what we learned from this guide, let’s talk about bulk dab pens. You need to know this. After all, this is perhaps among the most popular ways in Canada today to use diamond concentrates. So let’s start!


A dab pen is also popularly known as a vape pen and an electronic cigarette. Here’s our recommended diamond concentrates vape pen this month. Some groups in Canada also call these distillate pens. This is a small, battery-operated pen-like tool where drops of diamond concentrate, or any cannabis concentrate for that matter, are placed and heated. Then, another mechanism built into these pens allows you to inhale the vapour or smoke that’s produced after heating those drops of concentrate.


Meanwhile, bulk dab pens are wholesale packs of these vape pens. Many, if not most Canadian suppliers of these products have a minimum purchase order requirement. For example, a local supplier might require a minimum order of 1000 dab pens before you can buy from them.


This is also similar to suppliers or producers of THCA Diamond. Lots of them have a minimum purchase order, measured by weight in most instances.


This is also a crucial factor to consider when building your business development plans, cost estimations and marketing campaigns. After all, this directly relates to your capital and operating overheads.


What to Look Out for When Buying Distillate Pens in Bulk

A quick checklist that can help you avoid the most common pitfalls of running a similar business model would be beneficial. So here you go:


  1. Distillate pens for diamond concentrate in Canada come in various shapes, forms, functions, warranties and guarantees. For example, some have a built-in battery pack with a higher capacity than others. Meanwhile, lots of them come in various sizes, shapes and colours. The capacities of holding specific amounts of diamond concentrate also differ from pen to pen. On the other hand, many local suppliers of bulk dab pens bundle a 3-month warranty and a 1-month replacement guarantee with their wholesale packs. Others offer more extended warranties and guarantees. So ask about these things as you go through your shortlisted bulk dab pen suppliers in Canada.
  2. Be careful in choosing a supplier for these diamond concentrate pens. The materials used in manufacturing a dab pen should be high-quality, food-grade components that pass the Canadian government’s rigorous tests and inspections. That’s because these tools come in contact with the consumer’s mouth and heat diamond concentrate drops whose vapour is inhaled by the consumer. So you can imagine if the dab pen you use has toxic materials. It would likely react to the heat and make its way to your body once you start inhaling vapour from it.
  3. Like distillate pens, the suppliers you choose for your diamond concentrates should also have products that pass the thorough checks and inspections of Canada’s relevant local, federal and national government units. As mentioned earlier, some unlicensed producers are known to use solvents to make diamond concentrates that could potentially harm one’s health. And a few of these products make it to the country’s mainstream cannabis markets, often disguised as legitimate, licensed products. So with that said, you’re, of course, recommended being extra careful when choosing a supplier of diamond concentrates.
  4. Always verify the holding time and recommended ways to store the diamond concentrates you buy from your chosen suppliers. You obviously wouldn’t want to sell products that could be harmful to the health of your customers, or even a product that tastes bad, would you? Plus, make it a point to get the right equipment for storing your diamond concentrates as you fill up your inventory, as well as the necessary protocols for counter-checking dates and so on.
  5. Don’t go for bulk dab pens and diamond concentrates in Canada with prices so cheap you’re automatically left to doubt the quality of the products. Always trust your better judgement, not to mention your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is in most cases.


Ways to Promote Dab Pens with Quality Diamond Concentrates This 2022

Of course, a guide to buying diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens for building a profitable business won’t be complete without high-impact techniques for promoting your products across Canada’s cannabis markets today. So let’s start!


First, a cost-effective way of doing this, especially now with the current state of the world, is through Web and social media marketing. Just keep in mind your long-term goal is to build your brand as a friendly, credible source of high-quality products that can help your ideal customers.


When you build your business with this long-term goal in mind, it’s highly likely for you to end up with business development plans and marketing messages that can effectively establish your brand in the eyes of your target prospects and existing customers. What you’ll get in return isn’t just more sales from new buyers and repeat sales from your existing customers. Instead, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of organic word-of-mouth advertising as your new and long-time customers will talk about your brand and products across their own personal and professional networks. This is free advertising at its finest.


Second, position your compelling messages about the benefits of your products in front of your ideal buyers. This requires, especially if you intend to focus on Web and social media marketing, to identify the right places where your excellent prospects and existing customers spend time when they use the Web and the most popular social media platforms in your target areas throughout Canada.


Generally speaking, many of your customers are likely to use Google regularly. Especially when they’re trying to learn more about diamond concentrates and dab pens, so if you position your compelling messages while they’re in that state of mind, and if you provide them with content that can quickly give them the stuff that they want, then many of them are likely to consider looking through your product inventory.


Meanwhile, keep in mind that many, if not most, of your ideal customers are talking about things related to diamond concentrates, dab pens and others. At the same time, they hang out on popular social media sites like Facebook and other Web communities. And if your content makes it to their feeds at the time, they’re talking or just simply thinking about diamond concentrates and other relevant stuff, and then you’re likely to pique their interest. And often, that’s enough for many consumers to take a closer look at the rest of your content and latest products.


So to conclude this guide, we hope you can now make a more informed decision whether or not to buy diamond concentrates and bulk dab pens for your business start-up plans today. Just keep in mind diamond concentrates in Canada this year are rapidly growing in popularity, and the country’s cannabis industry as a whole is nowhere near its peak. It’s just starting to bloom.

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