Sativa or Indica? – Using Cannabis To Deal With Stress


As humans, we are constantly confronted with stressful situations. However, it is vital to note that various factors can cause stress and anxious thoughts. This can range from deadlines, budgets, and workloads to relationship issues or sickness. 


Even though short-term stress may be tolerable and even required for life, long-term stress can turn into generalized anxiety disorder or depression. This may be highly detrimental to the body, especially if you do not have proper coping mechanisms and are not familiar with the correct ways of managing stress.


Since anxiety affects millions, many people begin to worry about the relationship between medical marijuana and stress. Is it going to be helpful? More importantly, which strains are more effective at reducing stress? Are Indica or Sativa strains preferable for this purpose?

Today, we will go over all of this and more detail. But let us first discuss the fundamental link between medicinal marijuana and stress.


The link between marijuana strains and stress relief

As a human being, you should know that some amounts of stress levels are pretty normal. It is how your body reacts when it detects a threat or danger, and each person’s body reacts differently.


Even though humans are no longer in immediate danger of being devoured by animals, we still have a lot to be concerned about in the modern world.


Think of your accumulation of debt, the relentless nature of your employment, and, most recently, the worldwide pandemic. All of these can contribute to stress that appears harmful to health conditions.


So, what happens to you when you are under stress, and how does your body cope with it? When it comes to your body’s response to this situation, signals to your brain will be sent to release hormones.


These hormones will assist in boosting your heart rate, ready your muscles to move, and enhance your mental alertness. Cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline are the hormones released to assist you in dealing with prospective dangers.


Thus, to reduce stress, hormones and adrenaline and be ready to fight or flight. Often, a stressful situation is just a simple problem and can be resolved quickly. However, time must accept the undeniable fact that this is not always the case.


If you are continually under stress, your body will feel the need to release stress hormones to fight back against the stress. Because of this response, your stress response system is activated repeatedly.


As a result, there will be a potential to significantly and negatively impact key organs and your general well-being. In addition, long-term stress can have adverse effects on your immune system, stomach, heart, and reproductive systems, among other things.


Stress can also intensify existing health concerns such as asthma. Stress is believed to be responsible for nearly 60% of all human illnesses and disorders, including heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.


Thus, you should always find time to decompress and unwind whenever you feel stressed or overloaded. Doing this will be highly beneficial to your overall health and well-being.


How can Sativa and Indica cannabis strains help manage stress and anxiety symptoms?

Cannabis is a medical plant that may be used to help people cope with a variety of stressful conditions. Because cannabis contains chemical compounds called cannabinoids, it has the ability to stimulate the production of endorphins.


As a result, it is considered a good treatment for stress and anxiety relief by many cannabis users. Of course, it does not eliminate the effects of anxiety disorder, depression or any stressful events, but it does make your body’s response to them much more tolerable.


When you use medical cannabis to relieve stress, cannabinoids will flow through your bloodstream and look for places that require assistance. Once your body is under a lot of stress, your brain will send signals to these cannabinoids to tell them that they need to work by producing calming effects and reducing pain.


As cannabis goes to work, molecules are absorbed as they are needed to reduce and slow down the creation. It gets significantly easier to take a deep breath, reducing anxiety symptoms in the process.

In general, Indica or Sativa ad even hybrid strains can help reduce anxiety and stress symptoms such as the following:

  • Low energy
  • Insomnia or difficulty sleeping.
  • Low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and despair
  • Depression
  • Aches and pains in the muscles
  • Tense or tight muscles
  • Frustration, mood swings, and agitation


Benefits of using medical cannabis for stress

Using medical marijuana to relieve stress is a non-addictive and non-harmful alternative to pharmaceutical medications as long as you properly consume them. Moreover, you still need to consult a medical professional before smoking or vaping cannabis products.


Patients seeking anxiety treatment may use marijuana as a natural alternative if they get the proper consultation from a healthcare professional. After all, there are no weird chemical ingredients in medical marijuana.


The invaluable service of medical marijuana is because the cannabinoids included in it, such as CBD, can provide soothing effects, leading to greater relaxation and sleeping patterns.

CBD and other chemical components are responsible for medical marijuana’s suitability as a natural medicine to help manage anxiety symptoms. Furthermore, the THC and CBD components contained in medical marijuana may aid in the clearing of your mind and the regulation of logical thinking processes.


With a few puffs of the cannabis plant, your far-fetched problem is typically considered a thing of the past. Instead, you are entirely preoccupied with its relaxing effects.


Once again, it is essential to remember that cannabis can only assist you in managing stress and living a better life, not cure or treat anxiety or other mental health problems. In other words, cannabis use should not be considered an anxiety treatment.


Every individual’s response to cannabis and stress is unique, with some users seeing tremendous advantages while others experience none at all. Medical cannabis is unique to you, so you must experiment with it to understand how it affects your body.


Moreover, it is vital to note that self-medicating is not a great idea, especially if your medical history indicates that you are suspected of having neurological conditions. Do not put your whole trust in Healthline media websites or peer-reviewed studies. Make sure that you consult wellness professionals and conduct more research on which one between Sativa and Indica is the right strain for you.


Which one between Sativa and Indica strains is the best strain for stress management?

More studies are still needed to prove the belief that cannabis decreases stress, relieves tension, and aids in the management of social anxiety and even associated conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


Indica strains versus Sativa strains, the most asked question is which one is more effective in relieving stress?

Cannabis Indica strains are more usually linked with providing a tranquil and relaxing effect on users. Cannabis Sativa strains, on the other hand, have the opposite effect since it is known to increase creativity and energy.


However, the exhilarating sensation provided by Sativa strains can help heighten thoughts and ideas, which, although beneficial, may not always be what a stressed person wants.


Nonetheless, it is critical to recognize that everyone’s sensitivity to cannabis is different and that various popular strains have distinct effects on the body. There are several advantages to utilizing Sativa plants and Indica plants to relieve stress in different ways.


Benefits of Sativa strain for stress

Sativa strains are well-known in the cannabis community for their stimulating properties. These uplifting and stimulating effects can aid in stress reduction and increase creativity and attention. Since it contains THC, one of the primary active ingredients in cannabis, this type of medicinal marijuana effectively regulates your mood.


The combination of THC and CBD present in Sativa species of cannabis can impact the neurological and somatic response to fear. Patients struggling with stress might benefit from THC since it can make them feel more energized and productive.


As a result, Sativa strain may effectively treat stress since it might provide you with the mood boosts you require to get back on track and face the challenges of the day.


However, it is essential to note that some people find Sativa strain counterproductive in treating stress and anxiety. A high intake of these stimulating strains may result in an overactive mind, resulting in greater anxiety levels.


Check out the recommended Indica strains to better manage stress below:

  • Jack Herer: Use Jack Herer with caution as you would with any other Sativa strain. This strain acts as a stimulant on the brain. Thus it may not be as effective when your mind is overloaded with worrisome ideas. But it is useful when you need to enhance your focus.
  • Strawberry Cough: When it comes to marijuana and anxiety, you don’t want to lose your energy. Thus Strawberry Cough is an excellent option to consider. It’s invigorating without making your head race, a rare combination.


If you are prone to high amounts of anxiety and tension, we recommend that you avoid Sativa strains. Indica strains are most likely the right choice for you.


Benefits of Indica strain for stress

Indica strains, on the other hand, are a form of cannabis that is often used to aid in the promotion of profound relaxation and restful sleep. Indica can help you become more relaxed and peaceful when used for stress relief.


As a result, Indica strains can help you overcome the racing thoughts you may have been experiencing. These moderate, calming effects may be beneficial in lowering overall stress levels.


Customers look for Indica strains because of their powerful sedative effects, often attributed to their high CBD ratio. This can also help to alleviate the tension associated with chronic pain and other medical conditions. It is believed that Indica cannabis is the most effective strain for inducing sleep when consumed in significant doses due to its sedative effects.


Pain relief, sleep assistance, and the alleviation of anxious thoughts may all make a significant difference in your overall stress levels, thanks to Indica. Take a look at some of the recommended Indica strains for stress management below:


  • Granddaddy Purple: This is a strain of Indica marijuana known for promoting relaxation in both the mind and body. It may be effective if you have anxiety accompanied by a persistent pain issue.
  • Blackberry Kush: This is a kind of medicinal marijuana that derives from an Afghani parent plant and has a taste that is nearly sweet to the palate. This makes it a good choice for those seeking rapid relief from anxiety symptoms and other problems. If a significant amount of sleeplessness accompanies your anxiety, consider using Blackberry Kush to help you sleep better.
  • Northern Lights: This is considered one of the most excellent Indica strains for anxiety because of its immediate sedative effect. As a result, it is recommended that you only use it when you are not required to travel anywhere. This may prove effective for controlling excessively anxious thoughts spinning out of control.


The bottom line

When it comes to dealing with stressful situations, getting the help of medical marijuana is a great alternative. Although Indica is the most effective strain for providing relaxing effects, Sativa is a good choice for ensuring that your mind remains slightly attentive.


However, consult your doctor first and avoid self-medication at all costs. When attempting to manage stress and anxiety with medical marijuana, it is always good to do a little research and seek professional counsel.


Once you have permission from a medical professional to use cannabis strains for your situation, you can now go ahead and shop from our Indica strains here at Kush Capital!

If you are up for a more energizing experience and want to be more productive and creative, shop from our Sativa strains and choose from many quality cannabis products!

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