Wedding Cake (AA)

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THC 22%

CBD 0.01%

Smell: Citrus, Herbal, Diesel

Taste: Creamy, Tangy, Peppery

Effects: Sleepy, Relaxation, Euphoria

Common Medical Uses: stress, anxiety, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, attention deficit disorders

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Wedding Cake

60% indica / 40% sativa

Wedding Cake is an uplifting indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its relaxing and euphoric effects. Wedding cake is rich and tangy with earthy and peppery flavours. The high starts quickly, taking hold primarily in the head. Users may find their thoughts to be more fast or intense, and may perceive their surroundings more acutely. In the right set and setting, this change in thinking is accompanied by feelings of giddiness or euphoria. Less than an hour into the high, Wedding Cake’s indica side kicks in, creating a sense of warmth and pleasant heaviness throughout the spine and limbs. Even in the midst of this sedation, cerebral stimulation continues, allowing users to feel uniquely tuned in to their surroundings, finally settling the user into a couch-lock relaxation.  This delectable treat of a strain should be enjoyed with a double dose of care due to its extremely high THC content.


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1 review for Wedding Cake (AA)

  1. H_Kisses

    Hershey Brown (verified owner)

    Ive been stocking up on Wedding Cake! you can’t go wrong with this hybrid strain

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