Mendocinno Purps (AA/AAA)

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THC 22%

CBD 0.01%

Taste: Caramel, Coffee, Nutty

Smell: Caramel, Earthy, Pine

Effects: Sleepy, Drowsy, Giggles

Common Medicinal Uses: Insomnia, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, PTSD

  • 3.5g – $19
  • 7g – $27
  • 14g -$ 44
  • 28g -$78


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Mendocinno Purps AA/AAA

Mendocino Purps aka Mendo Purps is an indica dominated strain, this strain won High Times Cannabis in 2007 and 2009. Novice or lower tolerance user please be aware that this strain is much more than just munchies and couch bound effect, some may say that this strain causes uncontrollable giggles. Mendocino can induce a powerful level of drowsiness and laziness so it’s great for night user since it may cause you to be drowsy. Mendocino also created a body high making your body numb so that any aches and chronic pain will smoothy go away for the night.

What’s the difference between, Indica, Hybrid and Sativa?

  • Indica – Is often sought out for its ability to relax one’s mind. It may often reduce insomnia, nausea, and could possible increase your appetite. Recommended for nights where you have absolutely no plans to move from your couch.
  • Hybrid – Is right in the beautiful mix of Indica and Sativa. Uplifting your mood while  keeping you relaxed at the same time. Is often sought out to reduce anxiety and depression. Recommended for people who just need a bit of boost in their day to day life.
  • Sativa– Is associated with uplifting moods, keeping you happy, focus and ready to party. Recommended for people who suffer from everyday depression and just need a boost of serotonin.

3.5 Grams, 7 Grams, 14 Grams, 28 Grams

3 reviews for Mendocinno Purps (AA/AAA)

  1. I_bim

    Issac Bo (verified owner)

    Mendocinno never fails us! the moment the bag was open this really sweet aroma came out. Smoke was slow and smooth

  2. Mel_smol

    Melly Small (verified owner)

    Mendocinno was so smooth, for the price it does it job. It burnt slow and it grinded perfectly,

  3. 420nbwolf

    420nbwolf (verified owner)

    big buds gives it a nice bag appeal
    Fluffs up nice an smokes clean an smooth…bought 2 oz on sale an wish I had added 6 more! Lol

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