Lychee Gummies 500MG

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500MG  THC per package

Lab Tested

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Lychee Gummies 500MG

These drool-inducing gummies are packed with the sweet aromatic flavours of lychee and accurately dosed with THC because, quite frankly, it’s a combo that needed to happen and we make it happen. Take one, better yet, share it with your friends. They’ll thank you later.

What are edibles?

Edibles are cannabis-infused foods. These cannabis-infused foods usually come in candy forms like gummies. Edibles can be produced using various forms of cannabis but our edibles use finely extracted cannabis oils.

What effects do they have?

Cannabis edibles are known for their stronger and longer lasting effects. This is a good alternative for individuals who seek to relieve any body aches, stress and discomforts if they can not physically smoke cannabis.

Where should I start?

If this is your first time consuming edibles, we suggest to start with a lower dosage. It is suggested to take one gummy and give 60-90 minutes for effects to start showing. At that time if you need to take more you can do so at your convenience. Once you experiment with the different mg’s you will find what works most effectively for you and your body.

7 reviews for Lychee Gummies 500MG

  1. GeoHy611

    GeoHy611 (verified owner)

    Perfect for night time relaxing, superb buzz not to mention how tasty these are. Beware they’re pretty potent

  2. B.Allen

    Bruce Allen (verified owner)

    I’ve had a fair share of higher dose edibles but these just hit me different. Was not expecting the high it gave me. Not only did the edible taste amazing but it also made all the food I ate after taste amazing as well! Love it!

  3. DeaconH.

    DeaconH. (verified owner)

    This was so good, reminds me of my childhood gummy!! Juicy and delicious

  4. Tominator

    Tominator (verified owner)

    Just 1 gummy will get you flying for a hours, extremely potent please be careful theyre highly addicting with the flavors!!!!

  5. Sadieeee

    Said Dee (verified owner)

    Theres a lot in this bag i was expecting like 3-5 but theres so much. Taste great too

  6. Mai_lee

    Mai Emlee (verified owner)

    Great stuff, didn’t leave a weird film like the others. It’s actually tasty!!

  7. Ferdinand_420

    Ferdinand Do (verified owner)

    this was great, it reminds me of my childhood candy that i used to eat lol I do recommend just eating one cause youll green out lmao

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