Cosmic Concentrates Premium Sauce – 1G

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  • Pineapple Express (Sativa)
  • Rainbow Sherbert (Hybrid)
  • Wedding Cake (Hybrid)
  • MK Ultra (Indica)
  • White Rhino (Indica
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Cosmic Concentrates Premium Sauce – 1G

Cosmic Concentrates in BC are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market. HTFSE Sauce is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, High-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) Sauce is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Cosmic Concentrates Sauce delivers unparalleled flavour due to the terpene preservation and a very clean dabbing experience!

How To Smoke High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts can be smoked in numerous ways. Dab is one of the most popular methods of smoking concentrates. You would need to use a specialized bong , a nail and a butane torch. To dab, one preheats the nail with a propane torch or small butane until temperature is optimum. The HTFSE is “dabbed” onto the nail and will instantly vaporize and you can place a cap over it and inhale the vapors.

With Flowers

You can also smoke High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts by crumbling it into tiny glass-like shards and adding them into blunts, bowls or joints. This method of consumption is unfortunately not ideal for those who enjoy HTFSE for their tremendous terpene and flavour profiles, trading flavour and aroma for convenience and accessibility.

With A Vaporizer

Portable electronic vaporizers are also a very popular way to use HTFSE. It is actually one of the healthier alternative ways to smoke HTFSE because it avoids the negative side effects associated with the smoke and creates pure vapours. Vaporizing High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts allows users to taste the terpenes associated with the product and the extensive process it goes through to bring out each strain’s unique profile.


GG4, Pineapple Express, White Rhino, MK Ultra, Wedding Cake, Rainbow Sherbert

5 reviews for Cosmic Concentrates Premium Sauce – 1G

  1. Hallo_cu

    Hallo_cu (verified owner)

    Tasty and gives me a smooth high

  2. Amberlynn5959

    Amberlynn5959 (verified owner)

    this is a good one, lasted me forever. Repurchasing it today!!

  3. Roseann

    Roseann (verified owner)

    Love adding this to my daily smokes

  4. Destiny.101

    Destiny.101 (verified owner)

    This sauce is one of the best ones out there, the quality and smoothness of this is amazing

  5. RyeL

    RyeL (verified owner)

    I dunno about this one, honestly. I debated about my review for weeks, but every time I took a dab of this stuff there was an after-taste of butane, despite them saying that is a butane free extraction. It wasn’t a consistent taste either, so I have to assume that they are using butane to extract and there were pockets of it left in the sauce, which is totally uncool if that is the case. I won’t be buying this again, even though it has a potent effect, I believe that is partly due to chemical residues that I haven’t gotten any hints of when I pay $10 more a gram for superior quality products.

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