Carviar – 1G Pre-rolled

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Already made pre-rolled joints, stuffed with high-quality buds!

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Carviar – 1G Pre-rolled

this beauty is hand crafted, brushed with pure THC extract and rolled in the finest AAA kief. This is truly a connoisseurs smoking experience. The Caviar smokes like a fine cigar, smooth long pulls offer a tremendous high while finishing with a beautiful taste on the palate. The Caviar is the ultimate blended Indica high while increasing the mind and body highs due to the oils and kief. Caviar is a smoking experience you won’t soon forget.

1 review for Carviar – 1G Pre-rolled

  1. Emili_spic

    Emilio Baca (verified owner)

    holy shoot this pre rolled is so thick!! it really was packed lol I only needed a couple puff before i had to put it down lol great job yall

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