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    Euphoria Psychedelics Galaxy – 3000 or 6000MG

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    Euphoria Psychedelics Skywalker – 1500 or 3000MG

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    Makilla Gorilla Magic Mushroom

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    Trinity Magic Mushroom

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    Euphoria Psychedelics – Red Cherry Gummy 1000 & 4000MG

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    Euphoria Psychedelics – Orange Gummy 1000 & 4000MG

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    Transki Magic Mushroom

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    Stargazer Mushroom

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    Ether Edibles – Strawberry Daze (2000mg)

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    Magic Mushrooms

    Buy 3 Get 1 Free Magic Mushrooms

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    Magic Mushrooms

    Malabar Magic Mushroom Ounce

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Buy Magic Mushrooms Online Canada

In the past, it was difficult to find a source for magic mushrooms. You would have had to go on an extensive search or hit up some weirdo you know just so that they could hook you up with their connection who might be able to find them.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Online

Today things are different! We’ve got your back because we can now offer safe high-quality psilocybin mushrooms online at any time of day through our website (no more waiting). What’s even better is that if you’re 19 years old or older then these goodies will ship right out – no need for those unreliable sources anymore haha! We’ve got a variety of psilocybin magic mushroom products to choose from, each delivering the same great taste and high as if you were out in the forest picking them yourself.

No matter what your preferred method is for consuming magic mushrooms (fresh or dried) we’ve got something that will meet your needs. Shop now!

Are Psychedelic Mushrooms good for you?

Psilocybin is a substance that has shown amazing success in treating addiction, depression, and death anxiety. The drug can be an all-inclusive treatment for psychological afflictions – not just to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of addiction or reduce cravings but also to treat these conditions on their own. There’s no denying it; psilocybin could drastically change mental health care as we know it today!

Benefits of buying online magic mushroom in Canada

The availability of magic mushrooms online in Canada is naturally beneficial to those who want to try out the drug. But there are other benefits as well such as:

A chance for first-time users

Those new to the world of psychedelic drugs can get their hands on psilocybin magic mushrooms and experiment with them without having to travel to Amsterdam or purchase them from a local dealer.

PRO: Privacy ensured

Buying magic mushrooms online in Canada ensures that buyers remain anonymous, unlike in physical shops. This is because there are no personal details involved, such as names and addresses.

Subtle packaging for better safety and anonymity

Magic mushroom orders sent online come with generic wrapping which does not reveal what is inside it, making your order safer than if you purchased from physical stores where drug enforcement officers can easily look at the product’s packaging and identify whether it contains psilocybin magic mushrooms or other drugs.

Covers international shipping fees

Online retailers cover the costs of shipping internationally so domestic customers do not have to worry about additional costs on top of their purchases–saving up to 50% compared to purchases made locally.

Proven high-quality magic mushrooms

Magic mushroom orders sent online are in high demand due to their quality. With the right packaging, no moisture accompanies your shipment so your magic mushrooms remain fresh even when you receive them across borders. This means that magic mushrooms delivered to Canada will retain their potency and effectivity upon arrival, including:

Higher levels of psilocybin

Less sugar content (1 gram less)

Better preservation thanks to vacuum sealing and cold shipping methods

What are you waiting for? Get rid of the old and get new with magic mushroom seeds!

As a result, buy magic mushrooms online can lead you closer to achieving the desired effects of these natural hallucinogens. Magic mushrooms help people realize what so many others have discovered through experimentation–that there is more that meets your eye than just what we see every day in our mundane lives.

Super Easy

Many people turn to the internet because it’s so easy, but not just for magic mushrooms. You can browse a whole array of psychedelic products that would be impossible if you were looking in person and still avoid any awkward scenarios like finding dealers or shady deals.

Less Risky

Foraging for magic mushrooms in the forest can be a dangerous game, especially if you’re new to the world of psychedelic mushrooms. They can be pretty difficult to identify, and given that many poisonous mushroom species are highly diverse in coloration and size it’s hard not to have one look dangerously similar to your goal reward. You should always try identifying them first before picking any up as trying too early could end badly with potentially fatal consequences even when hunting out just what might seem like an innocuous fungus on its own!

Foraging for magic mushrooms in the wild is known by most (including myself) as being quite harrowing; there are so many things wrong about this prospect: how do I know they’re safe? How will I avoid getting lost? What if it rains? By comparison, conveniently buying magic mushrooms online is just so much safer and more convenient.

Customer service

The dealer-customer relationship is one that’s always been fraught with contention, and in the modern age of customer service professionals intent on providing a top tier experience no matter what you’re buying, it makes sense to want your magic mushroom purchase to be just as good.

The only solution for our young entrepreneur was going online; he quickly found out there are plenty of dealers who offer an easy shopping process complete with great customer service from start to finish.


We have the best shrooms in Canada and you can get them online for a discount. All of our packages come with discreet, stealth packaging so no one will know what’s inside or that they were purchased from Canadian Shroom Shop!

How to get Mail Order Shrooms

Buy magic mushrooms online is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is follow these steps and in no time your shrooms will be delivered straight to the door!

Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

A mushroom dispensary in Canada is an important part of a trip. It’s up to the individual what type they want: do you just need some psilocybin for your mind, or are you looking for full-on psychedelic effects? If it’s in the middle ground between those two points on the spectrum then we recommend our CBD+CBDa option that has mental benefits but no hallucinations!

Shroom Offerings

When you buy shrooms online, Canada becomes the next frontier of psychedelic exploration. Simply look at products like OG dried Shrooms or microdosing capsules available for purchase before choosing your favorite form of ingestion from a selection of options!

With access to over 30 strains, ordering psychedelic mushrooms has never been easier thanks to this Canadian vendor who specializes exclusively in fungi delicacies.

Shroom Products

The first time you buy shrooms online in Canada can seem a little daunting if you’ve never tried to order magic mushrooms before. There are so many different magic mushroom products that it can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! Will go through what psilocybin mushrooms are on offer and how they work.

Psilocybin Mushrooms come from the Psilocin family of drugs which is known for producing euphoric effects similar to those experienced by people taking LSD or Ecstasy (MDMA) with less intense hallucinations than other hallucinogens have; however, this drug does produce life-threatening side effects when misused at high doses due to its psychedelic properties. Usually available dried as either chunks or powder

Dried Shrooms

Dried psilocybin shrooms are the most popular and traditional magic mushrooms product in Canada. Most orders we get are for large amounts of dried shrooms; this is simply because they’re the cheapest way to get a high quality trip, and because they’re one of three products that you can find on our selection menu (the other two being fresh or “wet” Canadian) – making them recognizable among Canadians who have been ordering from us for years.


The humble shroom edibles are on the rise in Canada. From chocolates and gummies to offer a nice trip without any of that icky, dried mushrooms flavor you get with your typical magic mushrooms edibles!


The microdose capsules are best for people who want to enjoy the sental benefits without tripping. Microdosing is done by taking a capsule every few days, which will lead you to have a productive workday or more regularly if you’re looking forward to experiencing PMA.

Magic Mushrooms: Are you looking for a new experience?

Buy Magic mushrooms in Canada are the safest, most natural way to explore your mind and find out who you are. They’re not addictive or harmful in any way. You can even grow them yourself!

We have everything you need to get started with magic mushrooms – from growing kits to dried shrooms. Explore our website today and see what we have in store for you to buy!