Five Best Cannabis Strains for Depression


If you are trying to figure out what kind of marijuana strains are best for depression, you might get overwhelmed with all the possible choices. There is no easy remedy for mood disorders, especially clinical depression. But you may get a decent start by looking at the cannabinoids and primary terpenes that show promise as antidepressants due to their mood-boosting properties.


Once you have mastered or become familiar with the fundamentals of marijuana and depression, it’s time to dig further into choosing the best cannabis products and why cannabis strain names and classifications like Indica and Sativa are so confusing.


Indica strains or Sativa strains for depression

Sativa and Indica are two popular weed strains that the cannabis subculture has used to describe the effects of the myriad of CBD strains available for decades.


The Sativa strains are supposed to be more elevating, refreshing, and stimulating, whereas Indica strains are said to be more calming and mellower.


However, the effects of each strain still need more research as they appear to be hearsay rather than factual facts. The scientific literature recognizes the botanical distinction between Indica and Sativa, with India being bushier, shorter, and with wider leaves, while Sativa being narrower, taller, and less dense.


What influences the effects of each plant is more about its components, such as the cannabinoids and terpenes. Research has never found a clear chemical distinction between the two.


Instead of debating whether to use Sativa or Indica cannabis strains for depression, you should focus on the components in the cannabis that you are considering.


How to choose the best cannabis strains for depression

Generally, there are three types of marijuana strains: Type I has high THC and low CBD; Type II has roughly 1:1 THC and CBD ratio; Type II has high CBD and low THC ratio.


If you have a severe medical condition, your medical professional will most likely prefer to give you Types II and III. CBD may mitigate some of THC’s adverse effects and make THC dosage simpler. They may also assist in moderating THC’s biphasic impact, in which low dosages can aid in treating depression and anxiety. High doses can cause these symptoms.


On the other hand, those who use Type II cannabis may experience less anxiety than those who consume Type I while still getting the therapeutic advantages of THC. When it comes to managing depression, Type III might be especially beneficial since proof supporting CBD’s potential to aid in depression relief exists.


Choosing the finest cannabis product can be challenging if you have anxiety or depression. The best you can do is to explore and make informed assumptions about whether it could help you, even with the absence of strong research revealing which chemicals are effective for mental health disorders.

Although drugs are formulated for mental health issues, cannabis has an excellent safety profile and is often a forgiving substance. Having a cannabis education can help you decide how to battle specific mental health issues such as bipolar disorder.


Here are a few factors you need to keep in mind if you are searching for the best cannabis strains for depression to help you make an educated decision:


Every marijuana plant is different.

You must keep in mind that not all strain samples have the same findings when tested for specific terpenes. Although genetics influence which terpenes a plant can produce, environmental and growth factors also significantly impact each sample.


For example, testing findings from a plant cultivated in Toronto may differ from those grown in Santa Monica. Choosing lab-tested products and understanding how to interpret their findings will help you make more educated decisions about which products are best for you.


You need to experiment.

Even if there is preclinical research that will help you get more educated guesses regarding which cannabis products may be helpful for depression, depression is different for every person.

In other words, each individual responds to different cannabinoids and terpenes differently. So, to find the right CBD products for depression, some experimentation is necessary.


CBD is often more effective than THC

THC has biphasic effects, which means that although low to moderate dosages of the euphoric plant may help with depression, excessive quantities might have the opposite effect.

On the other hand, CBD-rich drugs are now being researched for antipsychotic and mood-boosting benefits. It can be a better option for those sensitive to THC or who prefer a non-intoxicating experience.


Make sure to consider the dosage.

Finding the proper dose is vital for long-term treatment. Working with a savvy healthcare professional can help you determine the safest and most effective dosage for your situation.

A modest amount of high-THC or high-CBD products may be the optimal dosage for individuals. However, others may still need more to keep a pleasant impact going. When it comes to finding the appropriate mix of active cannabinoids, terpenes, and doses, no two people are the same, so this might take some time.


Track your medicine

If you want to improve your marijuana experience, keeping a journal and noting your reactions to what you are taking will help you discover what works and what doesn’t. It is also a convenient method to keep track of how much you are consuming and how it affects your mood.


Best terpenes in treating depression

Learning about terpenes and other cannabinoids is the next phase of searching for the best strains for depression. As per the entourage effect theory, these chemicals may enhance some of THC’s and CBD medicinal benefits.


When looking for the best marijuana strains to treat depressive symptoms, seek cannabinoids and terpenes that have antidepressant properties. CBD and the terpenes linalool, pinene, limonene, and Beta-caryophyllene are among them.


A prominent terpene with concentrations above 1% and a few others with values between 0.1 and 1% are common in cannabis strains. However, since terpenes are regarded pharmacologically interesting at concentrations over 0.05%, it is reasonable to observe far lower levels than THC or CBD concentrations.


Nevertheless, CBD names are complicated. They might give you an idea of what you might find in a cannabis dispensary, but since there is no trademark for strain names, any cannabis plant grown can be labeled in any name. In addition, even the same strain cultivated under various cases might produce variable levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.


Best medical cannabis strains for depression

The use of medical marijuana for alleviating depression symptoms has sparked considerable debate. While many users claim that one of the main reasons they use medical cannabis is to relieve anxiety, the limited research on the issue has yet to catch up to the consumer experience.


Research has discovered that when choosing whether the plant has a beneficial or negative influence on depression, the dose and the particular chemical composition of various cannabis cultivars may play the most vital roles.


The components in the medical marijuana you get and how you consume them will have the most impact on your experience. High THC doses may contribute to depression in some people, while sticking to lower doses may be more helpful.


Still, while looking for the finest cannabis strains to alleviate depression symptoms, the dosage is only one thing to consider. You should also evaluate the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of a potent strain for the best results.


Here are five cannabis strains that may aid with depression and some helpful advice at the conclusion to give you a better understanding. Check out the list below to help you narrow down your choices. In general, you will want to start with Type II or III cannabis strains that are strong in limonene, pinene, linalool, or BCP.


Super Sour Diesel

If you search for a quick pick-me-up, Super Sour Diesel may be the best strain for you. This complex plant is recognized for producing high quantities of terpenes, making it stimulating and energizing.


Terpenes are fragrance compounds found in cannabis plants that contribute to the positive effect of each strain. Several mood-lifting terpenes, including limonene, beta-caryophyllene, and bisabolol, are reported to be abundant in the Super Sour Diesel.


As per a preclinical study, beta-caryophyllene (BCP) has been demonstrated to have characteristics that help in alleviating depression. BCP is a terpene with a strong fragrance that can also be found in lemon balm and black pepper.


Similarly, limonene, which gives some cannabis strains their citrus aroma, has been shown to have properties that help in symptoms of depression as per preclinical neuropathic pain studies. Bisabolol, another terpene found in chamomile flowers, has a calming effect that may benefit people who suffer from anxiety and depression.


What are the drawbacks of the Super Sour Diesel? THC levels in Super Sour Diesel may be high. As a result, this high THC strain should be used with caution. Too much THC can cause anxiety and depression, especially after the euphoric high of the strain has worn off.

While THC provides adequate relief from anxiety and depression for some people, it has been reported that it can make matters worse over time for others. Thus, research and experimentation are essential to identify the ideal strain.


Classic Cookies

Classic Cookies is the right cannabis strain for you if you want a peaceful and pleasant feeling. This hybrid plant is safe to ingest during the day if you have an excellent THC tolerance.

The Classic Cookies strain is uplifting and easy-going due to the high amounts of limonene, both energizing and soothing. This terpene’s relaxing nature produces a happy mood and mental clarity without overstimulating the user.


This plant has high quantities of beta-caryophyllene and adequate levels of relaxing linalool, making it a good alternative for those seeking depression alleviation.


OG Kush

The OG Kush cannabis strain has a high THC content and a distinct terpene profile. Due to its high quantities of myrcene, BCP, limonene, and linalool, OG Kush provides many consumers with a relaxed and uplifting experience.


Terpenes like limonene and flowery linalool improve mood, whereas musky myrcene has hypnotic and sedative properties. Linalool is an anxiolytic terpene found in lavender that gives users a sense of serenity and creative stimulation.


These terpenes are combined to produce OG Kush. This moderately sedative yet emotionally happy strain may benefit those seeking relief from depression and find it difficult to relax and socialize with others.


Unfortunately, like Super Sour Diesel, the high levels of this strain’s THC may not benefit many users. Some people may find that OG Kush strains high causes depression to worsen once the psychoactive high wears off.


On the other hand, others may discover that the strain’s euphoric qualities help them feel elevated and goofy, making it easier to find joy in daily life.



MediHaze is a high CBD strain with a high CBD content. It often has a 1:1 or higher CBD to THC ratio, which is a fantastic alternative for those who are looking for the best strains without the euphoric effects of THC.


This marijuana helps boost mental vigor and is safe to take during the day. THC’s antidepressant effects may be challenging to balance, but CBD is known to have fast-acting antidepressant properties.


As per a clinical study with rats, CBD can enhance the feel-good chemical serotonin levels faster and more effectively than prescription antidepressants.


MediHaze has high levels of CBD, but it also has a lot of linalool, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. In addition, this strain can occasionally test with extremely high myrcene levels. Myrcene is commonly considered a sedative, but high CBD strains have an energizing and revitalizing impact on users. Some MediHaze samples may also be more sedative than others.



Harlequin is a CBD strain that looks a lot like MediHaze. But it tends to have CBD-to-THC ratios that are close to 2:1. Like Medihaze, it has been shown to have higher quantities of limonene and beta-caryophyllene, giving its users a peaceful and clear-headed mood.


It also has a high amount of myrcene, making it more relaxed and calm than those CBDs that lack this sedative terpene. Like many other strains, Harlequin does not cause a strong buzz and is safe to use during the day.


Those looking for a cannabis strain with greater myrcene and THC levels may benefit from a CBD product with higher myrcene and THC levels.


Which strain is right for you?

No one deserves to live with severe mental issues, so they should be treated as soon as possible. If you are currently suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety, one of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms is to use the best weed strain for sleep. After having a good night’s sleep, consult your doctor and ask which strain between Sativa or Indica is the best one for you.

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