Cannabis Facts: What Is Shake Weed?

What exactly is shake weed, and can you smoke it? Many people buy cannabis shake because it is more affordable than regular cannabis flowers, but you have to understand them before investing in them. It is not the most glamorous product to behold when you look at weed shake, yet there is still good value left in it.


The term shake can often be misinterpreted as the tasty drink you make from milk, ice cream, and fruit. Although you can infuse cannabis into a milkshake and call it a weed shake, this is not what this article is all about.


First of all, a marijuana shake is made up of bits and pieces of cannabis buds that have fallen off while grinding or packaging. While it may contain kief in it, it is not kief. Smoking shake is quite different because it may contain other materials from the cannabis plant. Hence, it can be harsh on the throat, but it can also provide a great experience and high.


What is Shake Weed?

People have conflicting opinions about what shake means and whether it is worth buying. As such, many users have various interpretations about it. Shake refers to the bits and pieces of flower that fall off and gather at the bottom of a storage container or bag. Budtenders collect these pieces and sell them at lower prices.


Why is it called shake? When a jar or bag of weed gets moved around, transported, bumped, or shaken, parts of the bud break off and settle at the bottom of the container. As you regularly handle weed, pieces of the flower will eventually fall off. Hence, the result of shaking the buds is called “shake.”


Marijuana shake contains small parts that fall from larger buds, trichomes, and sugar leaves. Hence, it has as much THC as the source buds. While shake comes from leftover flower pieces, it can get you high. You may find shake to be quite substantial if it comes from buds with high potency. 


The prices of a shake vary depending on the quality. Budtenders are experts at differentiating shake quality based on freshness, dryness, and other factors. Hence, you can find a more expensive shake than the other shakes but more affordable than full buds. 


A lower quality shake costs less, but it may not be as potent. You can purchase a shake containing dried flowers, but do not buy those with even lesser quality, like ancient and stale ones. Old weed may cause less potent psychoactive effects and tend to make you sleepy. 


Certain marijuana strains produce more shakes due to the density and makeup of their buds. Buds that are dense, compacted, and firm do not usually break easily and produce a little shake. However, various strains with less dense buds and many leaves make more shake.


How to Use Marijuana Shake

A shake is a cannabis product that you can use the same way as a regular flower. You can buy it at a discounted price from a reputable dispensary. It is also more convenient to use because you do not have to grind it into smaller bits. Here are some popular ways to use a shake:


Smoke It

You can smoke it just like any other bud, but it may be challenging to roll a joint or blunt with it because it is made of fine materials. Before using it in a joint or blunt, remove any unwanted plant material, such as stems or seeds, that may destroy your smoking experience. Also, be sure to lay it evenly for a perfect burn. Buy pre-rolls if you prefer smoking shake but find it hard to roll a joint.


Vape It

Use a dry herb vaporizer that uses convection technology for an even burn. The vaporizer will heat the shake to the point of producing vapour without incinerating it. For a better experience, remove any unwanted plant matter unsuitable for vaping.


Eat It

A lot of people prefer to use shakes to make cannabis edibles. You can add them to baked goods, chocolates, candies, hash browns, and other delicious recipes. When making edibles, you need to decarboxylate the cannabis in an oven at approximately 230 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for around 40 minutes. If you do not decarb the flower pieces, the THC-A will not convert into THC and produce psychoactive effects.


Should You Buy Cannabis Shake?

We understand if you have second thoughts about spending your money on marijuana shakes. Many untrustworthy sellers on the market sell low-quality products. It is difficult to tell if you are getting a good product or not. At the same time, they do not provide the source of the marijuana shake. The product may even contain too much trim. These unreliable sellers give other sellers a bad rap.


Nevertheless, many shops and dispensaries sell premium quality and mix and match shakes. Premium harvest shakes refer to those that come from one single strain. Hence, you get almost the same quality as the source. However, you often get the mix and match shake options because there is not enough material from individual strains.


Smoking marijuana shakes will not provide you with the smoothest hit or the best taste. However, it can offer you a great way to enjoy cannabis at a discounted price. Before buying a shake, it is ideal for determining where it comes from. Many dispensaries are willing to provide you with the different strains to produce shakes. For the best experience, buy a premium harvest shake if you can. It may not always be available, so grab them if you have the opportunity.


Is shake weed good? Yes, it is an excellent way to get high while saving money. However, if you take marijuana for medical purposes, you may want to stick to regular buds. If you need more information about them, most dispensaries are more than willing to assist you.


Where to Buy Quality Marijuana Shake

When you buy weed and move it around, you will notice that small flower pieces tend to fall off and collect at the bottom of the container. These crumbs are still helpful if you can gather enough of them. However, you may not reason enough to make a decent joint. Nevertheless, dispensaries work with a lot of weed, and bits and pieces of shake tend to collect over time. Budtenders gather them and sell them at lower prices. You can buy them per gram or ounce.


Full buds provide the best cannabis experience. However, if you are low on budget, you can still enjoy your cannabis by purchasing shake weed. You can buy shakes as is or in pre-rolled joints. Remember that shake and pre-rolled shake joints usually contain weed from multiple strains. If you want an option from one strain, ask for a premium harvest shake. 


Most dispensaries sell shake as mix and match options. If you are up for an adventurous cannabis experience, smoking a good shake is an excellent way to do it. However, if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, we recommend not using a shake. Buy a strain-specific cannabis flower instead.


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Last Words

If you are on a tight budget, we recommend consuming cannabis shakes. You can smoke it, vape it, or add it to your favourite foods. However, there are many unreliable sellers, so buy only from shops you trust.

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