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Creativity is a highly sought-after and paid skill. When coupled with intense focus, you might be able to produce outstanding results in your professional affairs. But you don’t necessarily have to be an artist to possess these assets. Even ordinary folks can be creative in their crafts, making a massive difference in their job performance. It might be surprising to know, but many people are now using weed strains to boost their creativity and focus. They are spending money on these supplements that give them amazing returns.


Seriously, it doesn’t cost that much to be creative. In the context of marijuana use, you only need to find the best cannabis strains that would fit your needs and budget. This product is a must-try for people struggling to reach their targets, either in professional or personal commitments. But sure, anyone can buy weed products to become more productive and earn more. Yes, it pays to have the edge over your competitors. As your guide in looking for the right strain that would trigger the flow of your creative juices, read on the following selections and facts. 


Correlation between Weed Strain and Creativity

There are plenty of testimonials from those who have been using marijuana strains that cannabinoids have the power to make them more creative and focused. Many artists in various disciplines have publicly credited weed products for helping to stimulate their creative juices. Some prominent names include Willie Nelson, Madonna, Louis Armstrong, and Steve Jobs.


Scientific studies have shown small doses of cannabis have the potential to boost divergent thinking and creativity. It might be a different story when taken in a higher dosage, as overindulgence can make you intensely high. That’s why experts suggest that proper intake is important to enjoy the health benefits of marijuana. When you choose the right strain, there’s a guarantee of becoming more productive. 


Understanding the Effects of Different Weed Strains 

Marijuana strains are classified into three types: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Sativa strains are widely known for producing stimulating, energetic, and uplifting euphoric highs. On the other hand, Indicas promote calmness, relaxation, and sedation. Finally, Hybrid strains are the mixture of Sativa and Indica that uplift your mood while producing relaxation at the same time. This is often used to reduce anxiety and depression and boost energy to get through the day.


But not everyone reacts the same way to the substance, especially when the product has higher THC content. It might trigger racing thoughts and anxiety, which is not favorable during creative endeavors. When the substance relaxes the body and mind, it might produce a mellow and reflective feeling. Hybrid strains seem to offer a more balanced impact. Still, the key in choosing between the different strains is to know how you react to the product. This might require some experimenting, but it will be worth it once you identify the best strain for you. 


Best Weed Strains that You Can Try 

It might sound easy to choose one type of strain, but the overwhelming part is deciding on the brand. When you shop at a local cannabis dispensary or online store, you normally spot several options. Unless you’re familiar with the trusted names in the industry, it might be a bit challenging to make up your mind. Here are the top brands today, so you’ll have a reference: 


Sno Cap AAAA+ Hybrid Strain 

This product is in-demand in the weed market today. More and more consumers love such a hybrid strain that triggers creativity and a boost of joy. It also comes in various flavors, such as lemony and menthol. You can also use this strain to manage certain medical conditions, including bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and PTSD. Sno Cap (AAAA) is available in different grams: 3.5, 7, 14, and 28. The best thing is getting your supply for as low as $31. Please browse our online store to see other best strains that match your preferences and needs. 


Blue Dream Sativa-Dominant Strain 

Although cannabis Sativa strains usually produce energetic highs, this product seems to provide an exception as it also offers calmness and relaxation. That means you can enjoy the blend of therapeutic and psychoactive effects. It starts with an invigorating high to keep creative juices flowing and later relax your mind and body. This weed strain has around 20% THC content with lower CBD levels. Many consumers have experienced a boost of creativity and focus after using the product. You can also take Sativa-dominant hybrid strains to manage anxiety and depression as they contain other properties, such as terpenes linalool and limonene. 


AK-47 Weed Strain 

Popularly known for its uplifting, motivational, and long-lasting high, this weed strain is perfect for those involved in complex brainstorming. But it won’t necessarily get your brain racing too fast because the THC content is moderate. The euphoric high is characterized by calmness and productivity. This product is ideal for stimulating creativity and keeping you mentally alert. It can push you to socialize when you’re more inclined toward introversion. Just a tiny dose of this product can go a long way. That’s why it’s a one-hit-wonder kind of strain for many users. 


Amnesia Haze Weed Strain 

It doesn’t cause amnesia, as some people might assume its name. This 80/20 Sativa-dominant strain is also a top brand as it sharpens focus and holds a title in the Cannabis Cup several times. You will experience fast-acting and euphoric highs with intense concentration when you consume this product. The presence of Indica strikes a balance to boost creativity and prevent users from getting out of control. It is also known for increasing energy levels, which is ideal for working out. 


LSD Weed Strain

If you’re into writing and other similar crafts, you might need some inspiration to produce excellent works. Sometimes it comes from a cup of coffee to let those creative juices flow. But in the modern workplace, many people find LSD cannabis strain as the best alternative. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain contains around 25% THC, producing trippy and cerebral highs. It will eventually leave you calm and relaxed, allowing you to clarify your ideas. Heavy cannabis users are more particularly drawn to this product, but artists are also taking advantage of boosting focus and creativity. 


How to Use Weed Strain to Boost Creativity

Many scientific findings support the idea that consuming weed strain can boost creativity and focus. But never assume that you automatically get creative by taking any product the way you want. There are instances where the opposite effects happen, significantly when the substance hampers creative outputs due to using wrong strains or overdosing. Remember that everyone has a unique preference and level of tolerance, so what’s best for you may have different effects. As a practical guide to maximizing the benefits of weed strains for creativity, here are a few tips to keep in mind:


Choose the Right Weed Strain

You have many choices when it comes to weed strains. The best marijuana strains mentioned above are best to consider, but you can still look elsewhere. What’s important is that you make sure that the product you buy will serve your purpose. Since you’re aware of the different types of strains and their effects, you can focus on that criteria as you explore the weed market. As a general rule, avoid the overly sedative strains as they might make you mentally slow. Most people engaged in creative pursuits would pick those strains that make them more energetic, alert, and clear-headed. 


Use Weed Strain with THC and CBD 

If you’re aware of the entourage effect, you wouldn’t be surprised why it matters to have THC and CBD in one product. The first compound produces psychoactive effects, while the other is more on therapeutic effects. When combined, the latter can prevent THC from the overpowering effect that might hamper creativity instead of supporting it. As a result, you will become more focused and productive. Gladly, there are now many weed strains that offer balanced properties, so you might as well look for the best one. 


Start with Lower Doses of Weed Strain 

No matter your purpose for using marijuana products, proper dosage is key to enjoying the health benefits and avoiding any adverse side effects. It is always recommended to start with lower doses to prevent the possibility of becoming too high, which can hamper your creativity. Keep in mind that higher doses of THC can enhance divergent thinking but may weaken convergent thinking essential for creative pursuits. That means the lower the doses, the higher chances you become more creative. The opposite effect happens when you don’t control the dosage and exceed your tolerance level. 


The Science Behind Creativity and Marijuana

Once you understand how marijuana strains impact cognitive functioning and influence creativity and focus, you might become more convinced to have a regular dose. The plant contains cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system to mediate the production and reception of neurotransmitters. Specifically, THC stimulates dopamine production, resulting in a relaxed mindset, better mood, and general sense of well-being.


The more dopamine your brain releases, the more intense the feelings of euphoria that you experience. It increases creativity, improves mood, and reduces the stress response. Once THC amplifies dopamine, it regulates specific brain functions to improve focus, sensory perception, and mental clarity. 


Creativity and Divergent Thinking

Based on research, creativity is associated with the brain’s frontal lobe. Consuming weed strains increases cerebral blood flow and causes such an area to become more active. This heightened activity of neurotransmitters triggers creative thinking. There’s also divergent creative thinking in the frontal lobe, which plays a vital role in creativity or the ability to yield several solutions to complex problems. 


Weed Strain Connects Abstract Ideas

A published study reveals that the psychoactive characteristics of weed creative strains can potentially improve divergent thinking and creative muscles. It increases the ability to form abstract connections from seemingly unrelated concepts and stretch creative muscles, leading to desirable inspiration and ideation. But bear in mind that the product is effective only when proper dosage is consumed. Too much of the substance might result in experiencing opposite effects. 


Weed Strain Improves Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition is another essential aspect of creativity. It allows you to conclude any data set, whether it’s mathematical, visual, or semantic. You can easily find solutions to a problem by noticing related things and filtering the most relevant ones. A psychiatric study emphasizes that marijuana consumers have shown a more remarkable ability to connect seemingly disconnected words. Researchers have also found that weed users can connect abstract ideas and patterns. 


Weed Strain Enhances Episodic Memory Retrieval

Episodic memory refers to the memory of autobiographical events such as places, times, and so on that can be stated clearly. One of the main components of this memory is recalling all those events in detail. Interestingly, many studies claim that cannabis strains for creativity can enhance episodic memory retrieval. This improved recollection of past events can make you more creative by drawing upon more inspiration. 


Weed Strain Encourages Introspection 

Many researchers have also found that weed strains can promote thoughtfulness, but only when taken at an appropriate dosage. It can cause anxiety and racing thoughts when consumed excessively. Interestingly, one of the oldest uses of marijuana is a remedy for absent-mindedness in ancient society. Some users reported that the substance has been helping them turn inward and analyze their emotions and life experiences. This ability to encourage creativity and introspection is one of the many reasons why marijuana can make you more creative. 


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