Best Cannabis Strain for Migraines


We all get headaches now and then, but the situation is very different when a migraine headache arises. Aside from the intense headaches, severe pain, nausea, and vomiting, one of the most challenging aspects of having a migraine is that it might feel like you have been hit by a truck when it first starts.


Migraine attacks can utterly wreck your day and make it more exhausting. It produces chronic pain that has the potential to have a significant influence on your daily activities.

The phrase “a migraine has a life of its own” has been used by many migraine patients. Migraine pain can linger for several hours, or even days, at a time.


If you are one of the chronic migraine sufferers out there, you know how debilitating a migraine attack can be at times.


Some patients find that using alternative solutions from the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences such as ibuprofen or Tylenol can help relieve severe pain caused by migraine headaches and other migraine symptoms.

On the other hand, other chronic migraine sufferers require strong prescription medications, which may cause adverse effects such as dizziness or nausea.


The use of acupuncture has also long been recognized as an effective treatment for severe migraine symptoms and provides good pain relief and long-term pain reduction.


It is impossible to compare the symptoms of a migraine to those of an ordinary headache. While prescription drugs may prevent migraines, they do not work for everyone and are frequently associated with adverse side effects.


If you are a migraine sufferer, look for alternate migraine treatment. Research suggests that cannabis may be the answer to treating migraines. Is it possible for people to get relief from migraines by taking cannabis?


It is worthwhile to investigate whether the cannabis migraine treatment route may help. This article provides an explanation of treating migraine as well as a list of the best cannabis strains for migraines.


Using medical marijuana to treat migraines

Every migraine sufferer can attest that the symptoms are on an entirely new level. As per the UN, migraine impacts more than 15% of the world’s population.


Doctors and scientists are still attempting to figure out what is causing migraine pain and the best prescription drugs for migraine relief, even though it is not entirely understood what occurs in the brain to cause migraine symptoms.


Environmental factors play a role in the neurological symptoms of migraine attacks, including visual impairment. Certain events might set migraines and migraine headaches, especially for vulnerable ones. These triggers vary considerably from person to person, but they often include hormone swings, poor sleep, and stress, amongst other reasons.


Knowing these events or triggers can help a person prevent a chronic migraine attack before it occurs. However, this is not always feasible since not everyone who suffers from migraine symptoms can pinpoint a specific trigger in their environment.


In the absence of effective treatment, migraine patients turn to a combination of alternative solutions. These can be dietary modifications and full-body relaxation in a quiet, darkened room. Over-the-counter prescription medications can also be an acute treatment to get immediate relief from migraine headaches.


Studies backing marijuana strains for migraine treatment

As may be expected, there has been an increase in interest in cannabis strains for treating migraine. As per some recent studies, medical cannabis can be used to cure and prevent migraine attacks.


The University of Colorado also explored the positive effects of cannabis on migraine patients in 2016. The results were encouraging to say the very least.


A total of 121 migraine sufferers took medical marijuana on their doctor’s advice. They reported that their migraine headaches decreased, going from an average of 10.4 to 4.6 per month.

In addition, 40% of those who took part in the study stated that cannabis had a beneficial impact. Moreover, 8% of those who reported having migraine headaches said that medicinal cannabis helped them avoid them. At the same time, taking preferred hybrid strains, 85% of those stated that they experienced fewer migraines each month.

However, not all of these statistics were in favor of cannabis. Some participants reported that medical marijuana did not alleviate their migraine symptoms, and 2% reported an increase in the frequency of migraine headaches after using the drug.


Another study, presented at a conference, discovered that cannabis strains were helpful for both preventive and acute treatment of migraine headaches. Patients in the first phase of the trial received an oral dosage of 200mg of cannabis every day. They reported a 55% reduction in pain after taking medical cannabis.


It is still unclear whether it is best to take the cannabis migraine treatment route. Nevertheless, an increasing number of marijuana strains are claiming that they are the best cannabis strains for migraine.


It is undeniable that some cannabis strains will positively affect migraines. Still, it is good to check with a cannabis physician before embarking on cannabis migraine therapy.

The most important thing to remember from this is that your results may differ if you take cannabis strains for migraines. Nonetheless, these findings are encouraging enough that cannabis should be regarded as a feasible treatment option for migraine sufferers.


The best cannabis strains for migraine

If you suffer from migraines, you may find medical marijuana beneficial. Where do you even begin with so many distinct cannabis strains to choose from? When selecting a strain, there is currently no consensus on which is the most helpful for relieving migraine pain or lowering the frequency of migraine attacks.


However, some suggestions tend to be useful. To help you sort out which cannabis strains are the best, here are the top marijuana strains for migraine treatment that are available right now:


OG Kush

OG Kush is a well-known strain, and users will be able to get it at practically any dispensary in the country. Its significant sedative properties can be used to alleviate the symptoms of migraines. Because of its 20% THC concentration, this cannabis strain can provide good pain relief, while its high CBD content can aid in long-term pain reduction.


When OG Kush, it is critical to use it as soon as you notice the beginnings of a headache before the headache develops into a full-blown migraine.


Purple Kush

Some migraines are so severe that the only thing that can be done is to relax and wait for the pain to disappear on its own. Sleep, as per the majority of migraine sufferers, is beneficial. Purple Kush may be beneficial because it produces a numbing sensation that may aid in promoting sleep.


Purple Kush is an Indica strain that originated in Oakland, California. It is created by a hybrid between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross. It includes between 17 and 22% THC and 0.07 to 0.1% CBD.


Unlike cannabis strains, Purple Kush will not have the same impact on the user. Its effects are primarily due to the presence of THC in the cannabis plant, which reduces the intensity of the migraine headache.


It is recommended that you use Purple Kush cannabis strain before bed or if you have the opportunity to relax and wait out a migraine.



The Pineapple cannabis strain is well-known for being one of the most delicious strains to medicate with. It also has a high THC level of 17%. It is commonly used by migraine sufferers who want to achieve pain relief and get its anti-inflammatory properties and therapeutic effects.

The pineapple cannabis strain has a sweet flavor and an uplifting effect on your emotions. It helps to alleviate your discomfort. If you suffer from migraines, now could be the best time to try it out and see if it lives up to the expectations.


ACDC marijuana strain

ACDC cannabis strain is a beautiful alternative for those looking for a solution but does not want other strains’ psychoactive effects. It is a Sativa-dominant strain with a high concentration of CBD, with a THC/CBD ratio of 1:20.


This cannabis strain’s CBD concentrations can reach as high as 19%. ACDC cannabis strains are well-known for their ability to reduce inflammation. This makes them particularly efficient in providing pain relief from the severe pain caused by migraines.


In terms of anxiety and depression, ACDC is also an excellent cannabis treatment option. Furthermore, a psychoactive high will only be experienced less frequently due to its low THC level.


ACDC has a sweet and earthy fragrance, making it a unique yet enjoyable recreational cannabis strain to try out on your friends. It promotes full-body relaxation and muscle relaxation, ideal for treating chronic pain conditions such as migraine headaches.


This strain is commonly used to treat anxiety, nausea, seizures, tumors, and tremors, among other symptoms. ACDC is a fantastic option for migraine sufferers who want pain relief without experiencing any euphoric side effects. It is also anti-inflammatory, which makes it beneficial for reducing chronic pain from migraine symptoms.



Harlequin has a THC and CBD ratio of 2:5, a 75% Sativa-dominant. It typically contains 4-7% THC and 8-16% CBD, depending on the cannabis strain. This healthy combination provides effective pain relief without having a strong high impact.


This cannabis strain gives a sensation of clarity and alertness, which may be beneficial in getting through the day. Migraine sufferers who often experience chronic pain may find this cannabis strain particularly effective.


One of the reasons for this is that it contains a healthy balance of THC and CBD, which allows for effective migraine relief without producing an intense high. Besides being calming, Harlequin is also noted for not having a sedative effect.


It is vital to begin using Harlequin as soon as possible once the migraine has already started. Similar to other strains, Harlequin should be used as soon as the first indications of migraine appear and before it progresses to a full-blown attack since this is when it is at its most potent.

Harlequin strain can be difficult to come by, but it has a well-deserved reputation for being an effective cannabis strain to treat migraines. The combined effect of THC and CBD can be increased in this manner. The THC may provide a little buzz, and the CBD may be able to alleviate some of the pain depending on the concentrations.



Indica cannabis strains are known for treating migraines, and the Remedy cannabis strain is no exception. It is similar to ACDC in that it contains minimal THC and typically includes approximately 15 % CBD. A calming, mellow feeling is produced by this strain, which is often just what is required for migraine relief.


Although you won’t be able to locate this strain in every dispensary, it is one that you should have on your shortlist. In the same way, you would with any other strain, you should try to catch the migraine before it completely takes you out.


The remedy is a strain that will immediately relieve your migraine symptoms without putting you off action. In addition to reducing inflammation linked with migraines, this strain’s high CBD level also has the potential to alleviate pain without causing a high.


Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that provides fast-acting pain treatment and an exhilarating and stimulating high. Additionally, it is best to utilize this one during the day.


Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most popular hybrid cannabis strains of all time, and it is also one of the most potent. Patients prefer Girl Scout Cookies when attempting to relieve severe pain while simultaneously wishing to experience a very calming and euphoric high.


The bottom line

It is vital that you only consume marijuana, exceptionally high CBD strains responsibly. When you are experimenting with different strains, make sure to start carefully. As with any health-related routine change, it is always best to check with your doctor first.


Are you looking for additional information about using cannabis to relieve migraines? Check out the best cannabis strains for sleep and the best cannabis strains for pain! Take a look at Kush Capital’s product section to explore various cannabis strains and products that will suit your preferences and needs.

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